Embroidery Reader 2.2.3 released

I’ve released Embroidery Reader 2.2.3, which fixes a lot of issues that were reported through the error report form. Visit the Embroidery Reader page to download the latest version.

The list of changes include the following, and probably more:
– Rewritten installer
– The installer for 2.0 – 2.1.1 was based on auto-generated code, and while it worked, it left much to be desired.
– Removes any previous versions that use the Wix-based installer when a new version is installed.
– Installs icon as a .ico file instead of a .exe file, to prevent Windows 8 and 10 trying to launch the icon instead of the application.
– Much, much cleaner and simpler to maintain.
– Now installs per-machine if the user account has permission to do so.
– Offering the option of “Everyone” or “Just me” can lead to multiple copies in Programs and Features.
– The installer should do a per-user install instead, if the account only has per-user permissions.
– Optimized design rendering
– Design rendering takes about 1/2 the time it did in version 2.1.0 – should be closer to speed of version 1.5.1.
– Should use fewer resources and clean up after itself better.
– embroideryInfo utility has some new options
– Now requires –debug for debug output.
– Now accepts –all instead of a file name for –debug and –image, to process all files in the current working directory.
– Debugging changes to gather more information on a few bugs.
– Printing crashes seem to be the most common, so added some checks on the resolution data retrieved from printer.
– New functionality for ‘filter ugly stitches’ setting
– If enabled, stitches that appear to be movement-only will be filtered regardless of length.
– To see this new functionality, enable ‘filter ugly stitches’ setting with a large value like 500.
– Fixed several printing bugs
– Designs should now print about actual size on paper
– Fixed crash for printers that report general print quality setting instead of actual DPI
– Fixed a crash when no printers are installed, or no default printer is set

Special thanks to all of those who sent error reports. Most of the bugs above were found by checking through those reports. Special thanks to Wanita for sticking with me and getting the information needed to fix the printer DPI problem!

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