Bug Sim

Bug Sim is a little resource gathering game that my brother Ben and I have been working on. It started out as an attempt to simulate an ecosystem, but that required far more CPU horsepower than the average PC has and it wasn’t really very fun. (technically, GDI drawing speed was the limiting factor – but that’s a technical discussion for another time)

Ben has done all the artwork so far except the caterpillar, and his ideas have added a lot, perhaps most, of the fun game stuff.

The idea of Bug Sim is to collect as much fruit as you can. The game starts with a few trees on the field. You need to add a bug or two (or ten) to collect the fruit for you, and you’ll need a storage bin for the bugs to drop the fruit in. When the bin is full, or it’s been a while since some fruit has been dropped off, the transporter will take the fruit away to be processed. As the fruit is processed you get paid for it, so you can buy more trees, bugs and storage bins.

Some items are disabled at the beginning of the game. Those items become available when you have enough of the previous item. (ie: green bugs become available when you have a certain number of red bugs)

Some screen shots (click to enlarge):


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