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Embroidery Reader beta with translation support

If you’re adventurous, or you like having the very latest software and don’t mind some potential rough edges, I’ve released a beta version of Embroidery Reader for testing. If no bugs are found, it will become Embroidery Reader 2.0 “fairly soon”.

This version has support for other languages via translation files. The first translation to be included is Italian, thanks to Andrea Vai. (Sorry it has taken so long to finish the translation support, Andrea!) If you like, check out Andrea’s website and say hi!
Other new things for the beta:

  • Includes a new MSI-based installer that should better support all versions of Windows, including 64 bit
  • Now requires .Net 4.0, available here if needed
  • Now has the option to show a “transparency grid” when drawing designs, to make stitches stand out better

This beta version probably has some bugs in it! I’ve tested it somewhat, but my time is limited and I only have Windows 7 computers, so I can’t test every combination that exists out in the world. If you find a bug, please report it to me via the contact page so I can try to fix it.

Download Embroidery Reader beta:

If you don’t want to mess with testing new software, you may want to download the stable version instead.

Check out the source code on GitHub, and like Embroidery Reader on Facebook!