Embroidery Reader 1.5.0 Released

I have released a new version of Embroidery Reader. Version 1.5.0 includes a collection of small updates I’ve made over the last year, but no significant functional changes. (Edit: Actually, this version remembers it’s window size when it closes, so it will re-open the same size you closed it)
Head over to the Embroidery Reader download page to get it.

7 thoughts on “Embroidery Reader 1.5.0 Released

  1. HI, I use your embroidery reader for my embroidery designs and use pes basic to get them to my machine. When they are saved to embroider reader in pes I cant find them on my pes basic to put on my machine. Dont know what to do any thing that shows the green ball that is ED doesnt show up. What can I do. Thank you

  2. Esther,
    I’m not familiar with pes basic, but it appears that Embroidery Reader may be “stealing” the file association when it installs. You can try uninstalling Embroidery Reader and re-installing with out the file association option to see if that helps. (One of the screens of the installation program will ask what options you want to install, just uncheck “Associate with .PES files”.)

  3. Hi Nathan, really excellent work here. I’m working on a little piece of software for my mother to use to organize her designs (she has a huge collection – 10000+). She’s been using Designer’s Gallery software that came with her Babylock machine and the one thing that it does really well is render the previews of the PES files. It’s so fast, in fact, that I initially thought the PES file must have included a thumbnail bitmap inside. After looking through your source code I see that isn’t the case but I can’t get it to run anywhere near as fast as the DG software runs. I’m not a C# guru by any stretch but I don’t see any fundamental design problems with the way you’re doing it. Do you have any insight as to how the Designer’s Gallery people might be able to rasterize those files so fast?

    It’s virtually instant preview a

  4. Thanks Mitchell!
    I suspect that Designer’s Gallery is probably written in C or C++. C and C++ tend to run much faster than C# because they’re compiled to run “natively” where C# runs on the .Net framework.
    Unfortunately I don’t have any insight as to what tricks or clever things they may be doing… most of my apps are graphically simple so I’ve never had much need to optimize.

  5. Thanks Mitchell!
    I am find long time some source code to be able to create simple solution of export all our disigne files (before converted Embird to PES) to csv format with list of infomation about stitches, color, size and etc, to deploy this info in our site.
    You source is wonderful start point.
    I try open source project and his worked good by C# is more lightway for me.
    PS: i think not hard to implement other formats with convert source from embroidermodder to you project.

  6. Can someone assist? I’m new to this embroidery machine thing. I do not have software. When I download a design, microsoft opens up a zip downloader and I save each one. I then have to print out a picture on paper of what I downloaded and look on my computer documents file to match the file # to the # of the product. It’s a pain and I’m finding out I’ve been ripped off and not getting what I paid for. I need something that will allow me to ‘see’ a pic of the thing I bought/downloaded. Will this program do that for me? Thanks!

  7. Trish,
    Embroidery Reader can open PES files and display an image of the design inside them, so it will probably do what you want. I’ve never tested opening PES files from inside a zip file, but I expect that should work too.

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